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Everyone has a soulmate, who is simply just yourself.

Life's just a meaningless joke. Probably because word is free, so the people just say whatever they want even if they don't mean it. But fret not, thou shalt lose no hope, for thou still have thyself. Thyself shalt always stay true and faithful and never will let lies pass through thy lips...

Life's just all about external excellence. Worship your physical temple, they proclaim... But fret not, thou still have thyself... There's still a soulmate in this world who does not despise your tangible externality.

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    Monday, 1 January 2018

    shall start this post by reviewing the status of my 2017 NYR, I had five NYR but only managed to fulfil one which is to travel to Europe LOL.. How pathetic it is..

    this year i shall not be so ambitious because of the uncertainty ahead..

    i just hope to go for a new posting if i cant get my promotion, travel more (on personal trip or work trip if i dont have to write long after trip report) and go out with friends more often.

    three simple NYR - i hope i can fulfill them all.

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤

    Saturday, 30 December 2017

    2017 was harsh to me. that said, there were still some happy moments. 

    happy moments:
    1) i travelled quite abit. i went US twice for work. i went europe, bkk and vietnam for personal holiday. i got krisflyer gold lolol.. 
    2) i had made some good frens at work, though the work environment was harsh :p i am really grateful to my colleagues who are based in the US - they really took good care of me :) so sad, one will be coming back soon and i hope we can be good frens :)
    3) i had learnt to take thing a step at a time - this is very important to me, because my rashness nearly got me into trouble for one event in my previous posting.

    harsh moments:
    1) i worked super long hours - this is bad because long hours were not important.
    2) the work environment is ...
    3) i actually doubted my competency :(

    sianz i think i only met 1 out of 5 NYR for 2017. all cos of my job :(

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤

    Saturday, 4 February 2017

    how does it feel like to talk to someone who is doing sales? i cannot acccurately describe the character of a salesperson. i used to do sales and i think i still have the character of a salesperson.

    so every morning, i talk to a salesperson since start of the middle of the week.. i am not someone who is comfy in sharing about my dark sides and my true feelings.. but i had revealed abit of those because the person did as well..

    it is quite interesting to talk about those dark stories.. and it is indeed interesting to talk to someone who thinks like myself.. it is like talking to myself..

    i dont really like our character, but it was great to talk about our true self.. two saleperson will turn the world upside down..

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤

    Sunday, 29 January 2017

    my current job is kinda my dream job. but it is very taxing on me. recently i have spoken to two person who also like my job and it was their dream job too.

    i must jia you and do well in this job.

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤

    Thursday, 29 December 2016

    2016 has been a really interesting year.. so many things have happened this year.. some happened a little too soon, while some happened a little late..

    highlights of 2016:
    1) i got hitched and he settled most of the wedding prep as i was really busy with my new job..
    2) i never thought that i would ever fly to the US but i went to the US in Nov 2016..
    3) i joined a run and got a medal..
    4) i got a new posting :) though i had to make a very difficult decision before accepting the posting..
    5) i met nice people in my new job.. as my new field is totally different from my previous postings, i was grateful that my colleagues were helpful.. esp a colleague, though he is based in the US, he is really helpful :)
    6) i was so well-informed of current affairs until aug 2016 :P where i dont even have time or energy to read the papers.. :p
    7) one of my new year resolution in 2016 is to learn a new language.. though i have signed up a malay oral class with WT but the class was cancelled due to not enough participants to start a class..

    moving forward to 2017 - i am still in the midst of coming out with my new year resolutions.. i will be looking at three aspects, (1) something on community service but maybe on a one-off basis due to work commitment, (2) pursuing my interest, (3) being more competent at work, (4) running for a medal =P

    i am planning to go to Germany, Austria and a few European cities next year.. I hope i won't have to give up on this due to work commitment.. i also hope i can be successful in hooking two person up :)

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤

    Sunday, 26 June 2016

    i have never felt so lost before. i am so sure i have to go but not sure if this is the right time. as a science student, i had never introduced 2 variables in an experiment. because we are not supposed to do so. haiz looks like now bo bian liao.. i have no choice!

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤

    Sunday, 22 May 2016

    i realise that people dont remember your birthday.. even when people is reminded of your birthday by another, some'll pretend not to know.. i always think that it is very important to have cakes on birthday.. this is really important to me.. maybe when i am up there, people will remember..

    ¤Take it easy... C'est la vie..¤